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Plastic Surgery Procedures


Plastic surgery is an opportunity to give a desired area of your body a new and improved look.Dr. Placik has been in practice for over 15 years. He was trained in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery and in recent years has focused his practice on achieving outstanding aesthetic results. 


In the course of his practice, he has encountered many patients who are not ready, not prepared, or simply not candidates for surgery. In these instances, the use of minimally invasive or non-surgical options is highly desirable to accomplish rejuvenation or improvement or enhancement of common face and body complaints.  Given his participation in clinical trials and innovative technologies, he is exposed to the advanced and progressive alternatives for treatment and constantly on the lookout for new options .


While fillers and chemodenervation (i.e. Botox) agents are fabulous for managing early signs of facial aging, they do little to accomplish skin tightening and localized fat reduction. Current choices for coping with cellulite are also limited. Radiofrequency treatments are emerging as a new approach for dealing with localized fatty deposits and dermal remodeling. The addition of magnetic pulses aids in optimizing the inflammatory response.


This device has applicators that allow treatment of facial or body areas and allows us to defer traditional surgical interventions or to enhance the postoperative results of previously performed procedures.  Treatments usually require a series of sessions (6-10) delivered on a once to twice a week basis, with results appearing 4-6 weeks after the initial application. Skin care is an essential component of the process and minimizing sun damage is also critical to improving and maintaining optimal results.

It’s best to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our staff to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.  Taking time to learn about the alternatives will help you to make the best possible choice. Of course, being close to your ideal body weight is preferred and this is not considered a method of weight loss.

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