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Non-Surgical Face & Body Contouring


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Treatment Areas

   FACE: Typically require 6-8 treatments completed once to twice a week, with results appearing approximately 4 weeks after the initial session. Costs range with number of areas treated. Results are achieved in combination with a prescribed skin care regimen will be recommended in addition to suggestions for limiting sun exposure. Maintenance treatments are commonly recommended.

          Cheeks: loose or sagging skin of the cheeks can be tightened with the RF/M+ treatments to achieve an improved contour. This is often completed in combination with the lower face and neck.

          Jowls: an aged jawline can be improved with RF/M+ technology to bring about a more defined and enhanced form.

          Chin: the fullness of a “double” chin can be reduced with skilled application RF/M+

          Neck: the dreaded “turkey” neck can be diminished via the skin tightening properties of RF/M+

          Decollete: in combination with a skin care regimen to correct sun damage and irregular pigmentation, the chest area and plunging neckline can see improvements in overall appearance


   BODY: Treatments are essentially the same as the face but usually require a more prolonged and higher application of energy using an increased number of sessions ranging from 8-10. Improvements may take from 4-6 weeks to appear. Maintenance therapy is recommended.

          Loose Arm Skin: “flapping” or draping hanging underarm skin can be lessened without the traditional use of incisions. While this will not address marked redundancy such as that following major weight loss, minor degrees can be treated.

          Cellulite: the localized fat and lax skin that are so typical of cellulite can be targeted to soften the severity of cellulite by 1 grade. Currently, there are few technologies which can address this complex problem.

          Thighs, Buttocks and Abdomen: Less severe conditions of crepey abdominal, saggy butt and thigh skin are characterized by skin laxity that can be eased with RF/M+ without the need for surgery. Surgery may still be necessary for more advanced states.